Major Roman & Greek Gods: Cross Comparison

Below is a list of some common Roman and Greek names used for celestial purposes. Note that, except for Uranus, all of the Planets (colored green) are Roman names.

Roman Greek Meaning/Influence ________________________________

Apollo Apollo God of Light

Aurora Eos Goddess of Dawn

Bacchus Dionysus God of Wine

Ceres (Virgo) Demeter Goddess of Grain/Crops

Cupid Eros God of Love

Diana Artimus Goddess of Nature/Fertility/Birth

Faunus Pan God of Woods and Pastures

Juno Hera Queen of the Gods

Jupiter Zeus King of Gods

Luna Selene Goddess of the Moon

Mars Ares God of War

Mercury Hermes Messenger of the Gods

Minerva Athena Goddess of Wisdom

Neptune Poseidon God of the Sea

Parcae Moirae (Fates) Goddesses of Fate

Pluto Hades God of the Underworld

Proserpina Persephone Daughter of Demeter

Saturn Cronos God of Agriculture

Sol Helios God of the Sun

Caelus Uranus God of the Sky

Venus Aphrodite Goddess of Love/Beauty

Vesper Hesperos God of the Evening Star

Vesta Hestia Goddess of the Hearth

Vulcan Hephasstus God of Fire/Craftsmanship

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