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As of July, 2019


Ken Press has a limited number of slightly damaged books and star charts for sale.

To order, call (520) 743-3200 & leave a message if a person does not answer. Prices are as follows:


The Next Step. I was clearing out a storage area and found 5 NEW copies. Here is the deal. For $70 shipped USPS Media Mail (slow boat), you can get one of these copies along with my new Celestial Atlas Menor. I won't unbundle these. The Next Step was originally priced at $29.95 and the Celestial Atlas Menor is priced at $19.95.

Our Constellations & Their Stars (10 copies). Retail $15.95 / Covers very slightly skuffed, $3 each.

What's Out Tonight (5 copies). Retail $29.95 each / Covers skuffed, $5 each.

Equatorial Planisphere (2 copies). Retail $16.95 each / Slightly Skuffed, $5 each.

Kids Star Charts (20 copies). Retail $4 each / Slightly Skuffed, $1 each.

Most economical SHIPPING to US addresses is by US Mail, "book rate," which will cost from $4 to about $10 and takes up to 2 weeks (sometimes longer).

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