Monthly Notes

July 1, 2022

Tomorrow is my birthday. Boy, the years do roll by. I want to wholeheartedly thank all the amateur astronomers and enthusiasts for giving their time, energy and money in sharing astronomy with the general public. There are a lot of you and you never get the deserved attention for everything that you do. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and beautiful science.

Over the next few months, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will be visible in the evening. Jupiter and Saturn will be visible very late at night this month but they will become earlier stars over the next two months—this will be a convenient time to observe them through a telescope. Mars will start to rise in the east as the Sun sets around mid-November. It will also be very bright at this time because it will be very close to Earth. This happens about every 2 years and is the best time to observe it through a telescope because it will be large enough to see surface coloration and a polar cap. More on this in a few months.

The Pleiades or Seven Sisters

The Pleiades sorta looks like a little dipper. It is small in the sky and initially looks like a fuzzy spot to the eyes. Great in binoculars.

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