Monthly Notes

December 1, 2021

If you get up early in the morning just before sunrise but when it is still dark, look west and you will find Orion just above the horizon. In the early evening, it is rising in the east—where it began its journey through the night sky. A little more southwest is Sirius, the very brightest star in the whole sky, but always much fainter than Venus and Jupiter.

In the same early morning hours, face due north and look up high to see the Big Dipper with its bowl orientated downward or towards the horizon. If you continue the curve of its handle, it points to the bright star Arcturus, hovering fairly high, due east.


The Pleiades or Seven Sisters

The Pleiades sorta looks like a little dipper. It is small in the sky and initally looks like a fuzzy spot to the eyes. Great in binoculars.

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